I am because you are.

Hello family, I am Rajubhai Gohel, I was born in Porbandar (Gujarat), a town located in western India. This city is the birthplace of a wonderful human being, who taught that the relationship with ourselves and with all beings from peace, non-violence and simplicity, constitutes the perfect basis for an enriching and healthy life.

This human being is Mahatma Gandhi. When I was little, I used to take refuge in Gandhi’s birthplace to feel my soul free. Although
The true home of the soul is the one that any human being can find when he embraces humility, acceptance, respect and observation.

During my childhood, within my family I learned the practice of Ayurvedic massage. I also learned deeply to experience a simple and humble life project, oriented towards helping others, recognizing from an early age that my home is the world. And this
It has been the meaning of my life since I was very young: to care for and respect our home, this beautiful planet Earth, and all the precious beings that inhabit it.

I feel that a simple philosophy of life, based on Ayurveda, promotes individual and collective happiness, as well as a relationship with Nature, observing and loving it as we love our mother. From there we can do our bit for a positive transformation of the world. I invite you to walk with me on this beautiful journey.

Precisely, in September 2020, we felt that the time has come to open a space so that anyone can join this journey.

We have formed an open collective of human beings who come together to walk this path, under the name of Life in Harmony [National Registry of Associations No. 621301].

In its statutes we express the meaning and individual and collective purpose to be developed through projects to be developed at the national and international levels.

Our values


For us, the main thing is life.


May all our actions be based on love and truth.


Promote respect for all living beings, regardless of race, creed or personality.



We lead by the example of our lives, from simplicity and from contact with nature and with ourselves every day.



Life is a constant learning for all of us.



Lovingly become aware of the responsibility as children to take care of our planet, love it, respect it and achieve harmony in nature. gram. Bring the maximum number of beings to a state of equality, integrating all plenitude into their being.



Promote and support actions aimed at improving the quality of life and well-being of both individuals and society as a whole.



Raise awareness and promote in a simple way the need to know each other
ourselves, to cross it, being able to expand towards a
society with ethics and universal principles that benefit the
development of a balanced society.




Promote equal opportunities for all people, regardless of their characteristics, through promotion, information, debate and participation in events that help recognize equality and respect for all human beings.


We are people helping people

Behind every project there are people.

Our commitment lies in improving the lives of those who find themselves in disadvantaged situations, providing them with opportunities for a better future.


Rufina Romero Ramos

psychologist. team coordinator.

María Villalba Viera

Farmer in space in india

Sanjay Kalabhai Solanki

Do you want to help us help?