What do we do

We take care of ourselves individually and collectively. We take care of our physical, mental and emotional bodies, we also pay special attention to mutual care, and we always move guided by care for Mother Earth. Starting from this simple approach, adopted by Raju Gohel as a way of life, from that place, we promote the creation of open spaces in which that way of life can develop. In this sense, the search for two spaces has been proposed, one in India and the other in Spain.

La Vida has already provided the first of them, that is, a space in India, particularly in Gomta (Gujarat) in an ideal natural environment for two main reasons: (i) it is a rural/natural space that invites tranquility and (ii) it is located in an area where a social group at serious risk of exclusion lives for a good part of the year, that is, Adivasi families from migrant indigenous communities who come to Gomta in search of temporary work in agriculture. .

The main objective of this project, which is already beginning to work, is to create a place, a space of peace, silence, tranquility, feeling life: where to abandon distraction and stress. A place to rest the physical body, the mental body. and the emotional body. A place to deeply enjoy and return to the nature of which we are part. Where to feel the simplicity of life, its lightness, balance through nature. Where to listen from the silence, listen to what life speaks about. where to remember respect for nature to connect with it. Where to recover what we carry inside.

This project is based on three fundamental pillars: organic farming, Ayurveda and comprehensive early childhood education. For this, a space has been necessary, a field in which people can grow the food they need, in which to develop therapies that help us live in harmony with ourselves, with other beings and with Mother Earth.

A space for everyone and no one. A space in which we recover and feel the joy and happiness of taking care of ourselves in these special times we are living. A space with the basic infrastructure to carry out activities aimed at Adivasi children and families at serious risk of social exclusion, based on education and healthy eating.

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