Life in Harmony offers you the space so that, if you wish, you can offer your collaboration in the way you consider most appropriate.

The “Living Space” and “Compassion in Action” projects provide open opportunities for everyone. Knowledge and concerns in the field of Ayurveda, meditation, conscious eating, permaculture, responsible construction, childhood education, as well as the skills and knowledge that you have and that you feel can contribute, are totally welcome. And especially, your presence is welcome.

If you want to collaborate by contributing your time, your knowledge and your skills, you can contact us by email by writing a message to:

Likewise, your financial contribution is necessary and welcome. If you wish, you can contribute financially through one-off donations or through regular monthly or annual contributions.

You can make your donation or regular contribution through Paypal HERE.

You can also make your one-time donation by transfer to the bank account ES42 1563 2626 3532 6785 0373