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“Watch your thoughts, because they will change into your words. Be careful with your words, because they were changed in your actions. Take care of your actions, because they abandoned your habits. Take care of your habits, because they changed in your destiny.” – Mahatma Gandhi

living space

The objective is the collective creation of a living space, of coexistence based on care own and mutual, as well as in the principles of Ayurveda and care for Mother Earth to through permaculture. It is open to everyone and located in India, in a natural space near the town of Gomta (Gujarat).

Adivasi Child Care

The objective of the Compassion in Action project is to organize and promote an educational space with activities aimed at Adivasi children and families, belonging to a migrant population from other places in India, such as Mathya Pradesh, with severe difficulties in meeting basic needs and providing education to their boys and girls.

About us?

My name is Rajubhai Bhimji Gohel, and people like to call me Raju. I like to simply say “human being”, a human being in love with Life, Mother Earth and all the precious living beings that inhabit it. I feel like we are all one big family sharing the precious gift of life.

Around this beautiful path that we call Life in Harmony, we are gathering a group of people with the simple aspiration of living in peace and harmony, as well as offering relief to those who suffer physically, mentally or emotionally. The wisdom of Ayurveda and
Direct contact with nature can return us to our true home, a home clothed in peace and harmony.

Likewise, we pay special attention to those who are at risk of exclusion and suffer from severe deprivation, as is the case of Adivasi migrant families in India.

Therefore, whether you know me or not, if this message resonates with you, I invite you to join in the way you consider best for you: through your time, sharing your gifts and talents, your ideas or if you wish to make a contribution economical.

help us to help


All human beings have gifts and talents that we were born and raised with. In the times of change that we are experiencing, it is essential to create and find spaces in which we can share our qualities, for the benefit of Mother Earth and all the beings that inhabit her without exception.

Life in Harmony offers you the space so that, if you wish, you can offer your collaboration in the way you consider most appropriate. The “Living Space” and “Compassion in Action” projects provide opportunities open to all. Knowledge and concerns in the field of Ayurveda, meditation, conscious eating, permaculture, responsible construction, childhood education, as well as the skills and knowledge that you have and that you feel can contribute, are totally welcome. And especially, your presence is welcome.

Likewise, if you wish, you can make financial contributions that you feel can help achieve the objectives that are the basis of these projects. You can do it easily by following the instructions that you will find by clicking on the button below.

Our work, your results.

Help us to help.